One of the ingredients to a peaceful and fulfilled life is good health. However, we are all vulnerable to diseases and unfortunately, we occasionally get unwell. During such times, the most that we can do is seek proper health care. In healthcare, medical appliances are a vital element, just like the medics and pharmaceuticals. 


These devices partly influence the quality of healthcare offered to patients and also contribute to their recovery and their well-being henceforth. A great deal of attention should therefore be paid when health practitioners are purchasing equipment for their laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. There are dire consequences of purchasing low-quality medical appliances.


A faulty or substandard medical device is a health hazard to the patients. To some extent, such devices may also be harmful to the practitioner handling them. It is therefore important to ensure that such appliances are bought from dependable manufacturers such as Atys Medical. This firm produces multiple medical types of equipment, one of them being a pressure measurement systoe.


What is a Systoe? 


Commonly referred to as a systoe, a pressure measurement systoe is a medical appliance used to determine the degree of the systolic pressure of the toe. This innovative and non-invasive appliance is essential as it is used to detect and keep track of health issues such as arterial disease of the lower limbs. A systoe has the capacity of gauging pressure at very minimal levels such as 20 millimeters of mercury.

In the contemporary world, there has been a rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension. This is majorly influenced by the types of food we consume, with barely any physical exercise. Consequently, there is a need for medical equipment that can not only diagnose but also monitor these health problems at early stages. In the case of diabetes, the systoe comes in handy.


Features Of a Systoe Manufactured by Atys


Here are some of the notable attributes of a systoe whose producer is Atys:


  1. The systoes are patient-oriented. During production, the focus is on the needs of those patients who will use these appliances. The devices are made in a way that patients will be comfortable using them.
  2. The systoes are safe for both the medics and the patients. The objective of medical appliances is to enhance the recovery of the patients. With this in mind, these devices do not cause any harm to the patients during and after use.
  3. The systoes are efficient. They serve their designated purpose effectively and the process of operating them is trouble-free. The practitioner barely strains when using this systoe to measure a patient’s pressure.

These attributes ought to apply to all products, especially in the medical world. For Atys, these features are the common denominator across all the appliances they manufacture, not just the systoe. It, therefore, implies that with such characteristics, there are a couple of advantages of using an Atys systoe.


Benefits Of Using a Systoe Manufactured by Atys


1.      Cost-effectiveness due to the high quality of the systoe

When a device is of excellent quality, there is hardly any need for repairs, maintenance, or replacements. This saves money. In addition to this, an Atys systoe is unlikely to break down prematurely. The buyer does not incur the expense of having to buy a new systoe.


2.      Simple to use

Using an Atys systoe saves the time that would otherwise be spent trying to figure out how the device should be operated. A guide is provided and even so, the instructions are easy to follow, with very few steps required for the systoe to function.

3.      Quick and precise measurement


An Atys systoe provides an accurate diagnosis in less than 5 minutes. Patients are therefore able to complete their appointments within no time. Aside from the timeliness of the pressure results, the patients are also comfortable carrying home precise results.

Not only do we now know what systole is, but also the best manufacturer and the benefits of entrusting them with your medical equipment requirements.