Healthy eating is what it takes to live a happy life with few health complications. However most people don’t know what healthy eating is. Some people generally assume that if food tastes good then it’s supposed to be healthy. However according to the CDC that’s not true. People who eat healthy usually avoid junk food a lot.

Eating healthy fruits

You can opt for fresh, frozen or canned fruit. Try and eat a variety of fruits as they have different health benefits. Instead of always eating mangoes, oranges and apples, you could try eating kiwi fruits and pineapples. Fruits tend to be good for our immune system.

Eating health vegetables

Eating a variety of vegetables is generally good for your health. You can have your vegetables, grilled, pan fried or just boiled. Avoid using too much fat when pen frying your vegetables as it might lead to health complications such as heart disease and obesity.

Eating healthy calcium products

The main source of calcium for people is milk. However its important to always go for milk with no fat or low fat. You can also eat low fat yogurts as an alternative.

Eating healthy meats

It is advisable substitute meat with dried beans. If you decide you like meat a lot then the healthiest meat you can have is fish. It’s actually better to bake the fish than to fry it in oil.

What to cut back on      

If you eat a lot of comfort food it is advisable to cut back on comfort food a bit. This will help you avoid health complications associated with long-term consumption of comfort food.

Sweet products such as cake ice-cream and sodas are a recipe for disaster when it comes to healthy eating. Therefore you need to stay away from them. Sugar products are the main cause of obesity.